Shen Ji Miao Suan Liu Bo Wen

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Title: 神機妙算劉伯溫 / Shen Ji Miao Suan Liu Bo Wen
Also known as: The amazing strategist Liu Bowen
Episodes: 203+ ongoing

Aided by Liu Bowen's amazing abilities to predict the future, Zhu Yuanzhang overthrows the Mongol Yuan and establishes the Ming Empire.

Yuan Princess Nanfeng, after a failed attempt to assassinate Emperor Yuanzhang, was blinded and sought refuge in the shop of Liu Bowen's good friend, A Tian where she ends up also be-friending Bowen and his sister-in-training, A Xiu. Finding out about Nanfeng's identity, Bowen took her in and sought to restore her sight while keeping her from attempting another assassination on the Emperor in hopes of dispelling the emnity between Emperor Yuanzhang and the Yuan.

Unfortunately, Ming official Hu Weiyong, for the sake of personal gain, influences Emperor Yuanzhang to try to have Nanfeng killed. Thus begins a battle of wits between Liu Bowen and Hu Weiyong in which the outcome will decide the fate of the Ming.

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Huang Shao Qi(黃少祺) as Liu Bowen 劉伯溫
Chen Ya Lan(陳亞蘭) as Empress Ma 馬皇后
Huo Zheng Qi(霍正奇) as Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋
Jian Pei En as A Xiu 阿秀
Hao Lei(郝蕾) as Nanfeng 南風
Yang Huai Ming(楊懷民) as Hu Weiyong 胡惟庸
Zhao Bin(趙斌) as Xiao Lou 小樓
Gu Guan Zhong(顧冠忠) as 二王爺
Li Jian Yi(李建義) as Yang Xian 楊憲
Chen Xi Feng(陳熙峰) as A Tian 阿田
Zhang Chen Guang(張晨光) as 梁王
Liu De Kai(劉德凱) as Xu Da 徐達
Shen Shi Peng(沈世朋) as Ma Tian Xing 馬天行
Ding Guo Lin(丁國琳) as Zhu Rong 元融
Fang Xin(方馨) as Xia Xiao Qing 夏小青
Wei Lai(衛萊) as Ba Mei 八妹
Liu Heng Yu(劉恆宇) as Kong Zheng Ren 孔正人
You An Shun(游安順) as Wang Lai 旺來
Su Bing Xian(蘇炳憲) as Cao Ling 曹令
Margaret Wang as Chen Shuang Hong 陳霜紅
Lin Wei Jun as Ni Qiu 泥鰍
Ke Su Yuan as Zhu Shuang 朱樉

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