The Gâteau Affairs

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* Title: 情迷黑森林 / Ching Mei Hak Sam Lam
* Episodes: 20

Ko Gun (Joe Ma) is a very talented cake master, he has a wife and a son. Ko Gun is really too busy with making cakes, his wife can't take it anymore, she and her son feel neglected. She decides to leave her husband. Ko Gun makes a cake for his son, after he's done he rushes to see his son and wife. While he does that, he accidentally hits a taxi with an old woman in it. Because he's in a hurry he lies that the box with the cake in it is a bomb, he wants to run away but the is caught by the police. He has to go to jail because of the threat. In jail Ko Gun meets Suen Yu Lok (Jack Wu).


* Joe Ma as Ken / Ko Gun
* Myolie Wu as Tong Sheung
* Bobo Chan as Coco
* Jack Wu as Suen Yu Lok / Ah Lok
* Annie Man as Sa Lai / Dai Siu Jeh
* Jacky Wong as Bun Jai (Ken's child)
* Gordon Liu as Tong Sheung's father
* Charles Szeto as Tong Sheung's younger brother
* John Tang

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